Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lilly: The World Map Master Baby Genius

Let little 2 year -old Lily bring you around the world!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

The 5 Smallest Countries in the World.

1. Vatican City

Size: 0.17 sq. mi. (0.44 km²)
Population: 783 (2005 census)
Location: Rome, Italy

The size of a golf course, the Vatican City [wiki | official website] is the smallest country in the world. It’s basically a walled enclave inside of Rome, Italy. It’s so small that the entire country does not have a single street address.

The Vatican City may be small, but it is very powerful. It is the sovereign territory of the Holy See, or the seat of the Catholic Church (basically its central government), which has over 1 billion people (about 1 in 6 people on the planet) as constituents.

The Vatican City was created in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty (which was signed by one of history’s most repressive dictators, Benito Mussolini) and is ruled by the Pope, basically a non-hereditary, elected monarch who rules with absolute authority (he’s the legislative, executive and judiciary all rolled into one) - indeed, the Pope is the only absolute monarch in Europe.

Another unique thing about the smallest country in the world is that it has no permanent citizens. Citizenship of the Vatican City is conferred upon those who work at the Vatican (as well as their spouses and children) and is revoked when they stop working there.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Largest Swimming Pool from Space

If you like doing laps in your local pool, hold onto your goggles: the creators of the world’s largest swimming pool are on a mission to spread their technology across the world.

San Alfonso Pool ExpanseBoat in PoolSan Alfonso beach view

Already drawing the crowds in the South American resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this artificial lagoon and swimming pool is eight hectares in size and contains an incredible 250,000 cubic metres of water. Acknowledged by Guinness World Records as being the world’s largest swimming pool, the lagoon trounces all other record holders in the category, including the Orthlieb pool in Casablanca, Morocco, itself a huge 150 metres by 100 metres – the San Alfonso pool is ten times this size, measuring 1km in length. The revolutionary clear water artificial lagoons, transparent to a depth of 35 metres and unprecedented in design and construction methods, are the brainchild of Crystal Lagoons founder, biochemist and Chilean businessman Fernando Fischmann. Equivalent in size to an incredible 6,000 standard domestic pools, details of its technology are to be unveiled for the first time at Cityscape Dubai later this month.

It seems the world has gone crazy for the massive pools, with Crystal Lagoons confirming Birdeye View of the Largest Swimming pool on the planetthat they are in advanced planning stages with companies all over the world, in particular in the Middle East, where, says Fischmann, companies are only too keen to take advantage of the way in which the lagoons form “impressive artificial paradises, even in inhospitable areas”, and at surprisingly low construction and maintenance costs. Currently in talks with both the Nakheel and the Dubai Property Group, Fischmann will be at Cityscape to outline the technology in detail which involves the use of unlimited volumes of clear water: “This advance provides something that until now was not technically possible - the generation of monumental masses of water in a crystalline state to provide a beach life environment and aquatic sports at the top level.”

From the tallest tower to the worlds largest swimming pool, Dubai’s international real estate developers continue to push design boundries creating ever more desirable resorts in the quest for global tourism domination.

Here is the official website

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pisa (Prelude)

"Luckily we manage to take the night train from Venice to Florence." i said.
"Ya, it is indeed lucky that i want to do some "small business" and discover that the Venice main station is closed." my friend, Angelus said.
"Haha... what small business? If you don't go shi~ shi~, then we will miss the night train to Florence and the Piza." Mr Voon manage to stop his laugh and talk like normal person.

This is the flashback of my memory during 1 of my trip at Italy, precisely to say: Venice.

Mr Voon and the Angelus

I was thinking about a way to hack the Italy Venice island main train station gate.

Yes, we can take the 2.30am bus at Venice island main bus station to go to Venice mainland train station.

Yes, this is the Venice mainland main train station.

Well, that is just a small joke from 3 of us, making fun of the closed Venice island main train station gate. We didn't know that the night train didn't stop at Venice island main train station, instead it will stop at Venice mainland main train station. But it was history as we still manage to take the night train at 3.30am at Venice mainland main station to go to Piza.

We were too lucky that the bus still available at 2.30am!

An advice from 3 of us: Next time you need to check your train ticket and the train station you are supposed to go, not like us, assuming both Venice mainland train station and Venice island train station is the same station. We are too careless to check the train station we are supposed to wait. Not need to say we are having a cold lonely night outside the wrong train station and wondering the reason the wrong train station is closed during midnight yet our "Train Ticket" stated that there will be a night train service at 3.30am!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Berlin Trip

I was excited about the Love parade and Berlin ( 1st time in my life to the capital of the country and the world biggest techno / house / trance event). I was jumping around and busy organizing this coming trip.

I made it. With train ? 4 people? No way°°°!! We went there without around 22 person on a bus direct to Berlin.( Later I found out it was a shit decision) na bei°°

We sit until our butts off during the 10 hours stop-and –go trip. I never eaten so many Mc Donald burger in a day in my life!! (total 10 of them!!)

After wearing our butts off for about 10 hours..FINALLY we reached our final destination. BERLIN!!

We went direct check in and within one and a half hour , we are ready!! Ready for?


We went to one of the Berlin biggest underground (it is really situated underground!) club.

The club is divided to country, hip hop, bar, house, dance and karaoke.

We went through all the hall and I guess everyone eventually meet up in the dance hall.

Coincidence? I guess not!!

We have a strip show here!! The performance take turn between two gender ,male n female stripper.

I can’t believe my eyes …, first I thought , ja…ugly cheap club and offered medium looking chicks. To my horror…..Gosh …where can anyone find someone who has an

angelic face who dance well and devilish figure. Too exaggerate? Please look at the video!

These goes go to male performer. You will want to find a hole n jump inside and wish never come out. He is so muscular with six packs and fit.!!

The party for us end at 4 am because there is still a whole day program for us ahead.

The Next Morning , We went to walk around the city. There are too many highlights to blog about. Let me just pointed out the most interesting one.

There was a world summer bear exhibition!!

Korea Bear

USA Bear

Japan Bear

Malaysia ugly Bear !!

After wondered around the bears, we moved on walking …walking...and walking…gosh !Berlin is instead bigger than I thought…

We manage to hiao abit while walking around the city…

German Artist

Alexander Platz

Berliner Fernsehenturm

Hiao infront of Berliner Dome

Brandenburger Door

Berlin War

Berliner Dome

At afternoon, we were supposed to go to Love parade at about 3 pm. But instead , you find us actually holding beers, vodka, and hard liquor in the supermarket!

After some pre drinking , We proceeded to our goal LOVE PARADE!

I danced till I drop (not shopping) a total of six hours!! First cramped my left leg…secondly right leg..but yet again..I survived till 12 am!!

Because of the mass and after 12 am, we have to walk all the way back to our hostel. about an hour…with THIRST, HUNGER (I can eat a cow!)

After casual fast food noodle and soda , alcohol, I went to knock on others doors!

Its Love parade after party time!!!

Yes ! We went clubbing again ! This time with a smaller crowd, about 11 of us.( the rest surrendered to tiredness)

I never fill so shiok ( suang) in my life! I seems like a boss with about 400 + euro voucher on my hands and a private VIP area (corner ) with private bar to us.

We are proud of our cultural of toasting!! The Germans opened their eyes wide wide open when they heard us chanted to Yam^^^^°^^°°°° Seng°°°°!!! with red faces.!!

Here is the Bar joke of the day 1.

I approached the bartender and plan to ordered 12 shots.

Me : zwolf tequila shots bitte! ( 12 shots please (1 extra for me))

Her : was? Zwei? (What ? two? )

Because the 12 and the 2 sound similar.

Me: Vergiss es ! Zwanzig shots bitte! (Forget it ! Give me twenty shots instead!)

Her eyes was wide open and we end up buying other people drinks.

Here is the Bar joke of the day 2

The drinks go round n round with bourbon coke n so on.

It just too boring…so we decided to ordered shots again..

This time they knew we will ordered that much of volume.


The waiter told me to change drink to others!!

The reason given : Our speed of drinking is faster than the speed they wash n dry the glasses !! gosh!.

After 2 hours drinking.Again..some knock on in the club..some vomited in the club..some vomited on himself while he was sleeping…(twice!)

The next morning…the most frequent word u heard is ‘ Do you have panadol?’

We dragged our dreadful body again through the city to the German Parliament house. There was too much people ,so we gave up to enter to the hall)

Parliament House

Memorial Church (was boomed during 2nd WW)

At about early afternoon, we prepared to shit journey back to Mannheim again….

10 hours is too much for us…we some how got crazy (I admitted me..only…)

The German ask me to show my dance move design to the theme song in love parade. ( We actually dance synchronized in the event!!)

Yes! I need money!! Paypal me!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Redang Island Welcome you!!

West Malaysia

Detail of Redang Island

Pulau Redang, Malaysia, offers some of the best diving and snorkelling in this part of the world with its rich marine life, sandy beaches and clear waters. We hope you find this online guide educational and helpful in planning your trip and caring for the marine environment by being responsible visitors. Enjoy your visit!

No 'beautify' montage , just pure video from private view cam.

Pictures louder than words!

Marine Park


Photos contributed by many private photographer!!

Scuba Diving In Redang Island ? Click here to know more about the rate,transport and other details.

Know more about hotel , transport to there and more ,here